Font Styles

How do you choose the perfect font style for the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects you?  Well, there are a couple things to think about first...

  1. How big or small is the metal that will be stamped?  I try and put as many dimensions as possible as well as how many characters will fit on each piece.
  2. What is your style? Fun, playful; then Among the Wildflowers is for you!  If you love minimalist design and linear lines, maybe Uppercase or Small Uppercase are more your style.
  3. Names or words can also determine the best font.  Names that have L, E, V, etc lend themselves to more minimal fonts.  Letters like Y, J, A can be fun with a script or cursive font.
  4. I have been at this a long time and if I feel a certain font may look better on your order, I will reach out and have a discussion.
Among the Wildflowers Font Sample 
Great for words and names that have loopy letters or are feminine in nature.  This is a larger font at 4mm and therefore will not fit on all of our pieces.

Canterbury Uppercase Font Sample

This font is 4.5mm and great for an Initial on a 9mm Disk, Mini Icon Necklace or Earrings.  A crisp cut into the metal, allows the letters to stand out.

Cursive Hideaway Script font Sample

A fun lowercase script.  I carry this one in 2mm as well as 3mm and can go on just about any disk or charm.  Please keep in mind that the "r" is meant to connect with another letter, therefore is not great when stamping a name or word that begins with R.

Small Uppercase Salvador Font Sample

The perfect font for small, crisp and easy to read words and names.  All uppercase and 2.5mm


Typewriter lowercase font sample
This is one of my original fonts and great for lowercase fonts.  It is whimsical and legible.  3mm

UPPERCASE Font style Sample

Clean, crisp and minimal for those that don't love all the floof!  You can't go wrong with this font no matter which piece of jewelry you are choosing.  3mm 

Fancy Limon Line Script Font Sample 6.5mm

This font is amazing and purchased it specially for a monogrammed  initial look on our 5/8" Initial Disks.  So fun!  6.5mm