“Be Kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (Socrates)
Designer, Marla Fehr-Sinclair
Man, can I relate! I’m Marla Fehr-Sinclair, jewelry designer, owner and passion behind Marni LuHu Designs. Like many, my life has always seemed to be one struggle after another and rather than letting it paralyze me, it has inspired me to create jewelry that is made with intention, love and positivity.                                                               
My jewelry business began over 10 years ago as part of my recovery process from a 5 month battle with cancer. Bald and beautiful, I registered for my first metal smithing class, began working with raw metals and hand stamping inspirational words and phrases on my handmade jewelry.  I quickly realized the powerful impact those words had on not only myself but my customers purchasing them; a reminder of being kind to yourself and capable of overcoming any battle! Recovering from Open Heart surgery has been the most recent hurdle but also has led me in a new direction...the decision to close the storefront and focus again on making the jewelry that brings me joy.
As a jewelry designer, it has always been important to create simple modern designs using precious metals for those living their best life but wanting jewelry that tells their own story.  With classic design that will last a lifetime, they will quickly become your go to pieces all the while reminding you to speak words with intention, love and positivity. My most rewarding days are those that I have shared a small part in one’s journey in life.  Whether, the birth of a child, saying “I Do” or even memorializing someone special with a handmade Marni LuHu design...these are the occasions that inspirational words stamped into a piece of jewelry resonate with so many.
Are you ready to tell your story? Let’s work together and make that happen!