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We stand on guard for thee. 

The Strong + Free Necklaces are truly Canadian!  This Marni LuHu Collection represents everything that is great about Canada including the Rockie Mountains, Boreal Forest, the Maple Leaf, polar bears, and of course hockey.  Made in Manitoba.  Made in Canada.

  • Available in 18" and 20" sterling curb chains
  • 9mm disk has been hand-stamped with each Canadian symbol
  • Great layering necklace

Mountain Views: Like a mountain, rise above your surroundings, stand tall and enjoy the view! These sweet little 9mm sterling disks have been hand stamped with a mountain range to remind you that not only is cool to be Canadian, but it's cool to be confident and rise above!

Boreal: From Coast to Coast, the Canadian Boreal Forest can be found, tall hardy trees that are deeply rooted and have stood the test of time.  Their ability to seamlessly transition from the ever changing terrain of our country, shows their strength and resilience.  We too, adapt to our surroundings, and create deep roots to help us weather the storms. 

Mini Wheat: The golden fields of wheat blow in the prairie breeze, swaying back and forth.  Wheat is a symbol of "abundance, life and fertility".  Each 9mm sterling disk has been hand stamped with three sheafs of wheat.

The Game:  Everyone knows that Canada's game is HOCKEY! In fact, the country has been known to close down for Olympic Gold Medal Games...who else does that but crazy Canuks? If you are Canadian, you are involved with hockey somehow.  This sweet little sterling necklace has been stamped with hockey sticks and is meant for the hockey mom, hockey gram, or the girl that is so passionate about The Game!

Maple Leaf: Nothing says Oh CANADA like a Maple Leaf!  Recognized as symbol for this great country, it also symbolizes strength, tolerance, unity & peace.  It is who we are and will probably apologize for being so! Sorry, not sorry!

Mini Mama Bear: "A Polar bear symbolizes endurance, strength, determination, protection, and peace. Its white coat embodies invisibility, purity, surrender, and acceptance." If this doesn't describe what a mama does for her babies, then I don't know what does! 

You Are My Anchor: For many, the anchor is an obvious symbol for a way of life of those lucky enough to be by the water.  It also personifies hope and steadfastness, both qualities we need  or look for while going through trying times.

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The necklace is beautiful and the customer service was awesome! Thanks again!


Excellent product & service

Boreal Necklace

Love the Boreal necklace - it is very beautiful. Very exquisite. Service was awesome - received quickly with no issues. Highly recommend

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