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Mystery Box Sample Sale

Mystery Box Sample Sale

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Please Choose Your Mystery Bag

If you ever shopped in our store in Downtown Morden, you may recall the Surprise Bags that we did.  They were a huge hit and our customers LOVED them!

As I am getting ready to launch our newest collection, I found tons of great one-of-a-kind jewelry, collection sample pieces, overstock of items and pieces that never made it to market or our website. So I thought it would be fun to pass it on to you at a fraction of the original cost for a VERY LIMITED QUANTITY and TIME.

What you will receive:

$100 Value ~ 2-3 pieces only $55

$150 Value ~ 2-5 pieces  only $75

$250 Value ~ 4-7 pieces only $100

There is a catch...we pick the jewelry for you!  Answer the questions below and we will do our best to match up jewelry that you love.  

**Please Note:  There will absolutely be NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES on this offering.  If you receive something you don't absolutely love, use it as an opportunity to give it to someone that will, regift, or swap with a friend that has purchased a Mystery Bag as well.  The Mystery and surprise is really part of the fun.  If you don't like surprises, then this may not be for you.  



Metal Types

Gold Filled - is a thick layer of gold, usually 14K-18K mechanically bonded to either sterling silver or brass. It is usually 5-10x thicker than Gold Plate, making it more durable and will last a lifetime if taken care of.  It is a great option for the look of real gold without the premium price.  

Gold Plate - is a thin layer of gold that is bonded to base metal through the process of dipping the metal.  Over time and wear, the plating will wear away leaving the exposed base metal. 

Vermeil - the same idea as Gold Plate but using Sterling Silver as the base.  You will pay more for vermeil than gold plated because of the metal they start with.  This technique is good for jewelry that will not be worn everyday.

Sterling Silver - is a soft metal that contains 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% of other metal (usually copper) to harden it.  Sterling silver is a great metal for hand-stamping because it allows deep impressions when stamped. Sterling Silver is often noted as 925.  **Sterling Silver can tarnish when left out in the open but is also easy to clean.

Base Metal - can be a variety of alloys such as copper, brass, aluminum, red brass, etc.  On occasion we use some of these metals in our designs but never for earring posts.

Diagram showing the difference between gold filled and gold plated


Care information

  • remove all jewelry before going swimming, showering or in a hot tub. It can have a chemical reaction if it comes in contact with other elements.
  • when not wearing, store jewelry in a dry, dark place such as a ziplock back in a drawer. Do not leave it on a dresser or in the bathroom where it can tarnish from the moisture.
  • add your jewelry last after getting ready and spraying hairspray, perfume, etc. This will reduce the amount of overspray you will get directly on your jewelry.
  • clean frequently, using a Sunshine Cloth or our Jewelry dip.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laurel Stang
I love all the pieces included!

As always, the surprise box did not disappoint. I love every piece of jewelry included.

Annette Geiger
A perfect pick me up!

I’m so happy I finally ordered a mystery bag. It was great not having to make a decision on any one item and Marla chose pieces that fit me exactly as I answered the questionnaire. It lifted my spirits receiving the bag in the mail!


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