Apple Basket 9.7 oz Jar Candle

9.7oz Burns for 40 HRS
WoodWick® candles are best enjoyed when burned the recommended 3-4 hours per use, and when the wax is able to melt completely to all edges of the container. Keep the wick trimmed to between ¼ and 1/8 inch. If the candle begins to smoke, or if the flame height is greater than 1½ inches, gently extinguish the candle, allow the wick and wax to cool, and trim the wick by gently breaking off any burned edges. Remove all wick trimmings before relighting.

Crisp orchard notes of apple, pear, and peach mingle with floral nuances of lilacs and cyclamen.

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Category: Candles, Fruit Scents, Green, WoodWick


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