A Heart's Journey Necklace

"Be still my heart; thou hast known worse than this."  [Homer] 

 Our heart's journey through love, loss and even total heartbreak and yet we venture on with the idea of filling our hearts once more.

Marla is the owner and designer of  Marni LuHu Designs studio & boutique.  In the Spring of 2018 Marla underwent Open Heart surgery to replace her Aortic Valve as well as repair  a congenital heart defect.  We are pleased to report that the surgery was a huge success and Marla is back to making jewelry again!

This simple hammered heart necklace was designed to bring awareness to heart disease in women while following Marla's own journey.  Let it lead your own "Heart's Journey".

 Each Heart is aprox 1.5-2" big and just like our own hearts, not tow are alike!  It will arrive free hanging on a 30" Sterling .925 ball chain and hangs beautifully on any body shape. 

This makes the perfect I LOVE YOU FOREVER gift!

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