About us

Marni LuHu Who? 

Marni LuHu Designs is a small handmade jewelry company from Morden, Manitoba... Canada.  In 2012, we moved from Regina, Saskatchewan where our business began as part of a recovery process (more on that below!). I, Marla Fehr-Sinclair, am the owner, designer, CED (Chief Executive Dreamer) and passion behind Marni LuHu Designs. The unique name was a childhood nickname that my oldest brother gave me...some things just never leave you!


We specialize in hand stamped, one-of-a-kind .925 sterling silver and copper that is just as special as the person who is wearing it!  As we have grown, we have developed our own creative style and demand for our handmade creations.  We are proud to say that our jewelry has made it to many places around the world, both from people ordering it from our online store www.marniluhu.com and amazing customers that cannot leave their special jewelry home when they are traveling to exotic places!  A true testament to their love for our jewelry...

Then one day in 2013...we opened a storefront! What began as an outlet to create and sell our jewelry turned into a full-fledged AWESOME store that sells everything from home decor, women's accessories, body care, kitchenware, a bit of clothing, art, furniture and vintage finds. Stop in sometime, we would love to see you!!

314 Stephen Street, 
Morden, MB  Canada

Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Friday  10-5:30
Saturday   10-5
Sunday- Closed