Collection: Sunshine + Rainbows


 The Urban Dictionary refers  to Sunshine and Rainbows as an expression referring to a very happy, care-free life where you have just about everything you want. 

It's not always Sunshine + Rainbows. In fact, for many of us we have seen some dark days this year with a global pandemic, job loss and being tested in so many ways. This collection was created long before any of this happened but it couldn't be more perfect in timing. 

Many of the pieces are a reminder that we can do hard things.  We don't  always realize how strong we are  until given the chance to prove it and sometimes we just forget.  We can weather the storm and come out stronger and hopefully  are rewarded with a rainbow, whatever that means for you! Each piece is hand-stamped, whimsical and great to wear all the everyday, especially to layer with your other Marni LuHu pieces.