For those that follow us on social media, know that my surgery date is less than a week away.  I was fortunate to be on a cancellation list and the university student waiting for the same surgery is in the middle of finals...lucky for me!  When I received the call, my clock started counting down. 

Two weeks.  Two weeks to get our flights and accommodation for my family booked, a business and staff to prep for months of me being away and at the helm, schedules to re-schedule and two weeks to wrap my head around the life changing surgery I will undergo.  TWO WEEKS!

My lists are long and one by one checking off each item I need to get done.  I'm actually glad that I only have two weeks.  One might say that I'm a procrastinator or that on most days, fly by the seat of my pants.  One would be right.  For me, I have always worked best under timelines and pressure and giving me any more time would result in the same outcome; I would do it all in the last two weeks anyway.

As scary as this is, I have tried to remain positive and upbeat and focus on the recovery rather than the surgery itself.  It served me well when I battled cancer and can only help here too. It's the quiet moments by myself, I can feel fear creeping up. (which I think is perfectly normal) Your mind can go to a pretty dark place quite easily if you allow it. 

I don't believe this is my time.  

My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this August.  I need to be there for that.  My daughter will one day marry the man of her dreams.  I need to be there for that. At some point my parents are going to need me as they begin to age.  I need to be there for that.  My nieces and nephews will be having babies someday.  I need to be there for that.  My friends will be getting married again, having grandchildren and other major milestones.  I need to be there for that.

I'm going to be there for that.

In advance, I thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers and good vibes. Whatever your faith, there is power in numbers and willing one to heal. In TWO WEEKS I plan to be on the road to recovery!

xo Marla

If you want to know more about my heart's journey, click here.

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I have known you for 18 years and hopefully 118 more years!!!
To my smart, caring, fiesty ( in a good way) , red headed Friend who has been thru so much in your young years this will be another chapter to your life book
Many thoughts of positive vibes and encouraging thoughts for the next few weeks.🙏💜😘💐

Shelley A

Oh Marla! How brave and strong you are; an amazing woman. I will be thinking of you in the weeks to come. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you!


Thank you for sharing your story with us…Even though we have not met, I always feel a connection to those whose lives have been impacted by CHD. And it is always inspiring and hope giving to read of adults, living through CHD….you see, I’m a heart mama. My little boy has had two open heart surgeries – also at The Maz. His second surgery, at 4yrs old, was a mechanical tricuspid valve. So our stories look different, and yet the same. The surgeons and facility at The Mazankowski are second to none. The best our country (and beyond) have to offer. You will have the best care!!! We spent much time at the healing garden on the 4th floor. Our prayers will be with you.

Carole Hiebert

Praying for you Marla! 💗


You are a warrior!! You got this!! Love u!


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