The ROAM Collection

The ROAM Collection

We are excited to launch our newest collection...ROAM.

It came about in kind of an interesting way.  As a jewelry artist, I have struggled with honing in my creativity this year.  Many ideas in my head and yet I felt that I wasn't heading in a particular direction.  My designs didn't seem cohesive, more erratic like my ADD thought process and yet they are modern and different from my most recent work. 

As I started examining each piece more, it became a bit more clear.  The collection that I was curating felt worldly.  From there, I focussed on developing smaller collections within the larger collection and ROAM was born.

The Roam Collection by Marni LuHu Designs

There is nothing more that we would rather be doing than travelling right now.  With a an ongoing global pandemic, it is not possible, at least physically. 

We thought it would be fun to travel the world through jewelry design.  Each destination will will inspire a small curated collection of Marni LuHu jewelry, and allow you as our customer to take the journey with us.  

Our globe trot will stop at several destinations; places that we have been previous or are on our bucket list to travel in the future.  Each accompanying collection will reflect the culture, jewelry design and use materials that are found in that region of the world.

As a customer, you can purchase the pieces you desire most and collect the postcards that come with each small collection, travelling the world from the comfort of your home.  I bet you will get WANDERLUST, just like us!

Let the adventure begin!

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