Thoughts on Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour

My Thoughts on Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour

I've had this fascination with Oprah since she began her talk show in 1986.  Maybe I felt a deep connection to her because we are birthday twins, January 29th was  our birthday!  It only felt appropriate that I write about my recent experience in finally seeing Oprah and how it changed me.

At the impressionable age of 14, I started watching Oprah.  I remember coming home from school everyday, grabbing a snack and turning on Oprah while I waited for everyone to get home from work.  There were so MANY shows that I remember well like the Erin Kramp story; after being diagnosed with breast cancer she recorded videos for her then 1 year old daughter on how to get through the rest of her life with out her mother.  She talked about every milestone that Peyton would need some motherly advice on.  I remembered this show very vividly when I was going through my own cancer battle.

May 19, 2011 - She's one of the bravest women Oprah has ever met. Erin Kramp was diagnosed with breast cancer when her daughter was only 1 year old, then left a treasure trove of video recordings to help guide her through life

Who can forget the infamous Tom Cruise jumping for joy on Oprah's couch?  All of the financial advice from Suze Orman?  The wise words of Oprah's friend and mentor, Maya Angelou? and probably most notorious, "You get a car! You get a car! You get a car..."

So from a young age, I was invested in this super sized personality and it was always on my bucket list to go and see her if I ever had the chance.  The chance to see her finally happened last month!  See here how it came to be.

Marni LuHu at Oprahs 2020 Vision tour

You can't even imagine how excited we were to see Oprah!  So much so that we were't even letting Patti's hip surgery (3 weeks post op) to stop us from seeing her!  We weren't really even sure what the Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour was really even about but we didn't care...we were going to see Oprah. Oh! ...and Tina Fey!

Oprahs St Paul 2020 tour guests

It was exactly a month ago today.  A day of intense emotion and spirituality. Through music and speakers, the focus was designed to get you thinking about making 2020 your best year ever.  Setting goals and intentions.  This was right up my alley as I have spent many hours in the last year planning for my business and personal life to create the life I want.  To work hard for the life and I want and to enjoy the life I want. 

I can. I will. Watch me!

The tag line for the tour is a bit cliche what super powerful when chanted by 20,000 people and Oprah herself! An affirmation that we all need to say and believe.  It's so hard to sum up this day.  As I said earlier, it was emotional and powerful.  To be honest, I still haven't processed it all.  Everyday, my mind comes back to something that was said there and I know this will stick with me for a lifetime. 

In attempt to sum this event up, I will add some of the quotes that stood out to me the most form Oprah:

What you give is what you get, to the same degree. 

You can have it all but not all at once.


I live a magnificent life. Whatever you think it is , it TD 10x  Better! (best quote of the day! lol)


Intention rules your life whether you know it or not.


Intention is the why behind the why.


Clarity your intention and align with those that align with those same intentions.


I can. I will. Watch me!


Your WHY should make you cry!


What is your superpower?


Life is not about what you want. It’s what you intend.  


Set your intention and you find your flow.


What you give is what you get, to the same degree. ( That is how this tour came to be.  Oprah is blessed to be where she is and in a position to give back in a large way)

So many of her quotes had to do with INTENTION, which coincidently was my word that I chose back in September for 2020.  Are there really coincidences or was it something more? 

We were also so fortunate to see Suze Orman who by the way has worn the same pair of earrings for the last 20 years because she feels that that is a WANT rather than a NEED.  I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be friends and have a different definition of NEED! Are you with me?!

Live below your means but within your needs.

Only buy your needs for 21 days and see how much you save.

Get as much pleasure it’s in saving as you do spending.


There was so much that went on that day that it is hard to put it all into a blog post.  So to really sum it was one of the most incredible events that I have ever been part of.  There were goosebumps, tears shed, empowerment, affirmation, a-ha moments, spiritual thoughts, dancing, Oprah swag bags, new friends made, meditation and words said that are so thought provoking, I will remember this for the rest of my life!  It was O-MAZING!

Marni LuHu at Oprah

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