Non Negotiable

Non Negotiable

Non negotiable.

Wow, that kinda sounds harsh!  Like permanent. Like there isn't any wiggle room.

It's supposed to.  When was the last time you thought about things that were really important to you and things that only happen "over my dead body!" 
I think a lot of times we make decisions, like BIG decisions without sometimes considering what are our non negotiables. 

What do I mean by non negotiable? Those are the things that are off the table, like no way in H-E- double hockey sticks will you sacrifice something in order to get an outcome.

I sat down a couple months ago with a BRILLIANT friend who said that she would help me focus on reining in all of my crazy and elaborate plans for my business but first I had to do my Non Negotiables.  She assured me that by taking the time to do this homework, it would all make sense.  I listened.

I remember really thinking about it...and thinking about...and then put my thoughts to paper.  Yup, I'm old school that way! It was amazing how quickly things started spewing onto the paper.  


  • My family and health come before anything else.
  • Quality of Product: I will not compromise quality for quantity or pricing
  • My integrity will not be compromised in any way
  • I will not create jewelry because someone else wants me too, but only if it aligns with my quality and style 
  • I will not risk my personal finances to support  my business
  • I will not promise things that I cannot deliver
  • Customers will have to wait for orders, within reason, rather than bending over backwards for unreasonable customers in order to accommodate their timeline
  • Always be open and authentic
  • Trust in myself and my capabilities.  Always believe I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT TO!
  • Always align with retail partners that have similar values and support the same values that I do.


 I was excited to show my BRILLIANT friend what I had.  There's really nothing above that is earth shattering but for me, it was the first time that I had really thought about them and how they affect my business or how my business affects them.

THAT my friends is key! My BRILLIANT friend then said, "from here on out, all of your decisions are going to come back to this list. Have it front of you so you can look at it."

Before I say yes to a new project, guess what I do?  That's right...I look at my list! Does it check them all off? ...then I do it.  If it doesn't, I don't.  Simple as that.

It's good practice for everyday life too.  Are you a yes (wo)man? Before you have even realized what came out of your mouth, you have agreed to do something you really didn't want to do or even have time to do it?

Next time, think about your non negotiables...if it doesn't check all the boxes, you don't need to do it.  I hope this gives you some food for thought...


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