My Brown Dresser Re-invented

My Brown Dresser Re-invented

Happy Sunday Friends!

 I was given a beautiful dresser from a dear friend that has loved it for years and no longer had the space to house it.  From afar, it looks beautiful, I have to admit. But up close...not so much.  (Put your hand up if you feel the same way on a make-up and 3 cups of coffee in!) 

After posting on social, I got busy with my project for the day.  I knew exactly what Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colour I was going to use and got busy.  We used to sell this line at Marni LuHu Designs, studio & boutique and I love this paint!

The finish contained a lot of varnish or laquer that was quite bumpy and no longer consistent.  The top of the dresser had been lovingly used for years to the point the finish was completely off and the wood was starting to dry out.  And so...I started sanding.  As I was working away, I noticed my phone blowing up with notifications on my latest post.  By asking the question, "Any ideas of what colour I'm going to paint it?", I had no idea that I would get some very strong opinions on NOT PAINTING the dresser.

I thought? "What's the big deal?" 

...and then it really got me thinking.  Not about painting dressers, but life! Like my dresser, we all need a little change in our lives.  Some do better with change than others.  Some crave change (like me) and others fight it and only make changes when they are forced too.

For those that have been following me for awhile, know that I have been undergoing HUGE changes in my business and my personal life.  Although I am no stranger to change, these changes were spurred on by health reasons for myself and within my family.  If you have no idea what I am referring to, click here and I have to say, although scary at times making these changes, it was the right thing to do and I am loving the new chapter thus far.  Back to the dresser...

I have always been one to make bold decisions and take the risk, worry about consequences as they come.  Although my wardrobe and main home decor is full of neutrals, greys, creams, whites and black; they are a warm, layered and a safe choice.  I decided to paint this dresser a bold Mustard Seed Yellow. 

Swoon! Look at all that crackly and chippy goodness!!

I knew it would breathe new life into this beauty and by adding antiquing wax in all of her detailed trim, it would emphasize all of her curves and bring attention to all the things that make this dresser gorgeous.  We do that ourselves by adding a belt or our favourite jewelry to an outfit, don't we?

What is the worst thing that can happen by making this BOLD choice?? I don't like it? That's easy enough to fix by repainting it! 

In life, you get do-overs.  That's the great thing about it! 

But...I actually LOVE my new mustard yellow dresser and is just the pop of colour needed to go with my layered (safe) neutrals in our bedroom.

 So the next time you have to make a choice, make it BOLD one; you don't want to be a boring brown dresser for the rest of your life, do you?!


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I LOVE IT!!!! I have a dresser so similar to this one and I have been wondering what I could do to give it a face lift. The drawers need some fixing as well, and I have been stumped as to how to do that, and the mirror needs repair. I guess because this dresser is in our spare room, and not seen every day, I continue to procrastinate about it. Might just be time to get it done!!!


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