A Heart's Journey

February 10, 2018 4 Comments

February.  Most noted for Valentine's Day, Love and mushy couple stuff.  It is also Heart Month in Canada. A reminder to keep up to date on your heart health and awareness of signs and symptoms of heart attacks, especially the silent ones that women often misinterpret or ignore.

Many of you that have been following the Marni LuHu journey, know that it began with cancer ...my jewelry making  began as part of my recovery process after being diagnosed and battling Burkitt's Lymphoma. A Silver lining, one might say!  You can read more about it here...

I have always felt that sharing and talking is the best way to help others, bring awareness or even educate to lessen the fear for those that have not experienced it.  So, it's time to share my next journey...

This Spring, I will we undergoing Open Heart Surgery to replace my Aortic valve as well as fix a congenital defect that I have lived with my entire life.

 This is actually not my first rodeo!  At the age of 7, I underwent this same surgery, minus the valve replacement. 


So what does this mean for Marni LuHu?  The creative process, making jewelry, helps me cope with the stress and uncertainty of what is to come.  

I have always wanted my jewelry to have meaning to its wearer.  Each custom piece represents special milestones for the recipient, wether a 40th birthday, a new grandchild and even symbolism for loved ones lost.


A Heart's journey is no different.  A simple sterling heart that dangles delicately from a 30" chain, represents all of our hearts and the journey that they have been on.  Through life, our hearts experience love, loss and even total heartbreak and yet most of us find a way to venture on to fill our hearts once again. 

These necklaces are available for purchase here (in a very limited amount) if you love the design, the meaning behind it or you would like to journey along with our family and business in the upcoming months. 

Once I have a date, my surgery will be in Edmonton, AB at the state of the art Mazankowski Heart Institute.  My heart will be in great hands, literally!  A full but lengthy recovery is expected but I will have many restrictions, including making jewelry.  At this time, I will no longer be taking custom orders in hopes of stocking our store for the many months I will be away.

I would be happy for you to follow my journey and send any good vibes my way.  Remember to love your own heart, we only have one!

"The heart is our greatest resource."  Gord Downie

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June 04, 2018

Praying that you will feel stronger every day. God be your strength and healer.


March 31, 2018

I live in Lorette and have come to Morden twice in the past 2 years just to go to your shop. I met you the first time I was there.

I wish you well and send you love and peace.


Janet Gable
Janet Gable

March 22, 2018

Marla, You are such a strong person, and such an inspiration to everyone you meet. Take time to heal, that too will be part of your journey. Much love, talk soon.

Melanie Jantzen
Melanie Jantzen

February 11, 2018

What another great idea!

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